HYDRO HEIGHTS engineers and small hydro power projects consultants is a team of Consultants, Engineers, , Surveyors & Liasoning manager having wide range of expertise in commercial aspects, operational management of small Hydro Power projects. Site identification, allotment of projects, preparation of detailed project reports, pre-feasibility reports, detailed survey& investigation , study of hydrology and Site selection for Hydropower projects. All the loasoning management, procurement of N OC from govt. and private organization and all type site organization is provided.

What is Small & Micro Hydro Power ?

Hydroelectric power is the technology of generating electric power from the movement of water through the rivers streams and tides. Small hydro is the application of hydroelectric power on a commercial scale serving a small community or medium sized industry. A generating capacity of upto 10 megawatts (MW) is becoming generally accepted as the upper limit to what can be termed small hydro, although this may be stretched to 25 and 30 MW in canada and the USA. In contrast many hydroelectric projects are of enormous size, such as the generating plant at Bhakra Nangal (2,074 MW) or the vast multiple projects on the Narmada Valley Project.

Small hydro is often developed using existing dams or through development of new dams whose primary purpose is river and lake water-level control,or irrigation. a small-scale hydroelectric facility requires a sizable flow of water and a reasonable height of fall water, called the head. Small hydro can be further subdivided into mini hydro, usually defined as less than 1000 kW , and micro hydro which is less than 100 kW. micro hydro is usually the application of hydroelectric power sized for small communities, single families or small enterprise.


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